Digital Music Grammar

   At this site the information technology on music teaching of children both preschool age (5-7 years old) and early school age (7-9 years old) is demonstrated. Methods of music teaching on system Number Key and on system Algorithm Microcycles are described in detail, the neurophysiologic aspect is interpreted, the practical and physiologic bases are given. Practical base is completed with study material (55 – examples) which are designed on extra pressed digital format.

    Neurophysiologic aspect of the scientific work “ Reflection “ is unachieved, this position is stipulated with a number of objective reasons, on the one hand, financial difficulties, on the other hand, decision of the organizing questions on united management with adjacent sciences : medicine, pedagogy, mathematics, psychology.

    At this time we are finishing the elaboration of digital teaching aids on class Piano for different age categories of children. The exercises, etudes, gammas, baby songs and music plays are enclosed in these text - books. If You have interested the methods of teaching on digital format we ready to send this material on agreement over E-mail: Collected funds will be invested on performing of neurophysiologic tests in accordance with the elaborated Project “ Reflection “.

    Application of digital technologies in system of stage-by-stage music education will allow teachers to enhance quality, velocity and efficiency on teaching of children in initial and following stages.

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